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To book a place, please read the following terms & conditions, then complete the registration form. Once your registration is approved we will then accept requests for event bookings.

Once we approve your booking request we will send you an email confirmation of your booking and when and how to make payment. You can choose to pay when booking, otherwise please select manual payment.

Payment is due 1st of the month, 2 months before the month the event is happening. If the event is in May payment is due 1st March.

Repeat late payers will be withdrawn from having this option and will have to paid when booking. If a booking is made in the same month as the event you would like to attend payment is due on receipt of our confirmation email.

If a deposit is required for an event that deposit must be paid within 7 days of receipt of our confirmation email.

We will be limiting the type of stalls to avoid too much duplication and to ensure a good mix of stalls. Please do not be offended if we refuse your booking request. Stalls will be allocated fairly to ensure everyone gets a chance to attend fairs.

Where possible you will be supplied with a table. Some venues do not have many that can be borrowed SO WE ADVISE YOU PURCHASE A 6FT TABLE. 3 legged stronger pasting tables can be purchased for around £15. If you have any additional displays such as banners and rails please let me know in the special requirements section on the registration form and I shall try and place you when you won’t obstruct fire exits, walkways or cause any other health & safety concerns. 

Please note that if you have additional items to sell on your table that are not listed on your registration form, you may be asked to remove them in fairness to other stall holders to prevent duplication.

All stall holders should hold Public Liability Insurance. If you choose not to Sunbeam Fairs & Events cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft of your stock or property or for any harm that may come to a member of the public due to the arrangement of your stall whilst you are attending any of our events.

All stallholders are required to fully comply with current UK legislation regarding the sale of their products.  This includes for example CE certification or food hygiene certificates for relevant products.

All stall holders offering treatments/therapies will only be accepted if you have full accreditation. You must be fully insured and have these details with you on the day of the event.

We will endeavour to make the events a success for you by publicising it as much as possible. We would also ask that stall holders advertise the event, via their own networks. We cannot be held responsible for the weather, advertising not being published or anything else out of our control that may affect the success of the event.

Please note that we will not issue a refund or transfer payment to another date due to your cancellation if made less than 48 hours before the event date, however, in the unlikely situation of the event being cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control we will issue a full refund. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE BRITISH WEATHER.

You must arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the event and your stall must be ready to trade at least 15 mins before the advertised start time. If you find on the day you are unable to attend you must contact us and make us aware, to not do so will result in a ban from any future events. There is strictly no packing up before closing time. Stall holders found to be packing up before the end of an event will be excluded from future events.

 Please ensure all rubbish is removed and your area is left tidy at the end of the event.

Failure to comply with these terms & conditions may result in you being excluded from booking future events.

A final email reminder will be sent to you in the week before the event  and this will also include a table allocation plan.