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Charlotte Porter

31st March 2019

Friendly, well run events! Claire is lovely and makes you feel very welcome. Lots of wonderful stalls at every event selling a wide range of good quality, lovely bits!


Denise Hares

6th March 2019

Fantastic Fairs organised by a great lady.


Samantha Sorrell

15th December 2018

I have exhibited with Sunbeam since 2016. The Christmas Market was my 3rd and it keeps getting better! Well organised, well advertised and attended. Great, friendly exhibitors. No-one works harder to make these events work!


Kris Stevens

15th December 2018

Only managed to get to 2 Sunbeam events but they're really well organised and very friendly. Looking forward to becoming a regular.


Allan Baines

13th May 2018

Met Claire when she was a crafter before Sunbeam was born and been a regular at her Fairs ever since.Her Fairs are always run very professionally with lots of advertising and with everyone welcome into the 'Sunbeam family'. Always has a smile for anyone, and will do everything possible to make every fair and event as successful as possible for stall holders


Christina Lees

13th May 2018

Claire is a nice person who has organised some fantastic events and fairs with a very friendly atmosphere. I have been a beamer since the beginning and continue to support this lady with her business.


Sarah Rossington

13th May 2018

We have been with Claire since she started craft fairs . She is a superstar and gets the job done to perfection . Claire your a joy to be around and a lovely person.


Denise Jepson

17th March 2018

I love doing craft fairs with sunbeam , everyone is so friendly , claire always makes sure everyone is happy , it’s a lovely happy atmosphere any newbies are always made welcome so come along and join us at sunbeams wether you're a crafter or a buyer x


Babs Smith

16th March 2018

Claire is the best example of what an event organiser should be. Kind,happy , knowledgeable and fun to be around. NOTHING is too much trouble. Thank you keep up the amazing work you do. 


Jennifer Knight

13th April 17

I think Claire's events are very well run, she's always there ensuring maximum footfall, is always the last to leave, and shows a dedication I haven't often experience with other event organisers. The variations in the types of stalls means there's always something for everybody.


Valerie Wilson

14th September 2018

so well organised and always a lovely professional atmosphere. Would recommend to other crafters.


Claire Dixon

18th May 2018

Claire runs these events immensely well and she always takes care of everyone. I’m always recommending Sunbeam to others.


Melissa Jayne Marratt

15th May 2018

Claire is fantabulous at organising all the wonderful fayres & events, very friendly, bubbly & helpful Nothing is too much trouble. It's a lovely happy atmosphere, come along & see for yourself.


Kate Linford

14th May 2018

Claire is brilliant at organising events and I love being part of Sunbeam as all the stall holders make me so welcome too! Thank you.


James Hay Barr

17th December 2016

I wouldn't sell my work with anyone else in Lincolnshire. A professional, friendly and fun group to belong to


Emma Saxby

21 April 2016

We first visited a Sunbeams Fair because an antique fair outside of  Lincoln castle gave us a leaflet. We thought it was the nicest craft fair we had ever been to. Several months later, when my young daughter and I wanted to start selling her photographs at crafts fairs, our thoughts returned to the wonderful craft fair we had visited at the Assembly Rooms in Lincoln. We have since done two craft fairs and have more booked for later in the year. Claire has been welcoming, professional, organised, friendly and helpful. The advertising that she does is extensive, the communication is great and she seems a thoroughly nice person. Claire is strict about setting up in time, letting her know if you will be late and you are not allowed to pack away early. This means that the public sees a full craft fair from the moment it opens to the moment it closes and as someone who has been to craft fairs near the end of the day when stall holders are packing up, I totally agree and congratulate Claire on having and implementing strict rules. All the stall holders we have met at a Sunbeams Fair so far, seems to be very nice and helpful and have been kind to 2 newbies. We have really enjoyed our two fairs so far and look forward to doing more.


Alec Padley

20th April 2016

Sunbeam Fairs always a smile from Claire put her heart & sole into making you feel welcome been with Sunbeam fairs from the start well to be true before when Claire was running fairs part time,There is always a good selection of crafts we stallholders are a friendly bunch and like to chat to customers and each other, Wish I could do more fairs than I do with Sunbeam Fairs it's fitting them in as do fairs in four counties but always welcome with Sunbeam smile.


David Phillips

16th April 2016

Sunbeam events are tops. Beautifully organised, excellent publicity and brilliant communications. The organiser, Claire, runs a fair, well managed and friendly group and its a privilege to be a part of it. Thank you Claire.


Debbie Kuhn

15th April 2016

Sunbeam is a lovely fun place to visit, It feels like one big happy family, run by the lovely Claire who puts her heart & soul into her Business & to make every stall holder feel welcome a long with the public. You'll always take a little bit of sunshine back home with you after visiting one of her great venues.