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Thurs 3rd Oct 2019

Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Claire and I run Sunbeam Fairs & Events.

I started my business 6 years ago in August 2013 and it all started with me being a stallholder attending small events with handmade cards.

I was encouraged by fellow stallholders to try running an event of my own so I did some training through Craft Fairs UK and ran my first Sunbeam event on 17th August 2013.

I'm very proud of what I've achieved with Sunbeam and very happy to say alot of my stallholders have been with me for many years, some as far back as the first event I ever ran.

Well that's it from me for now so feel free to take a look through the tabs above and discover all there is to know about Sunbeam. Also                   to read my new Blog.